Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first complex algorithm in 1843 and then was written out of history. In Ada.Ada.Ada, Lovelace tells her story using an LED dress which she operates – live on stage – using her wearable tech satin glove.

Ada.Ada.Ada exists to help people, especially girls and women, engage with technology and stem as a career.

Ada.Ada.Ada is a high impact performance with associated talks, workshops and events for schools, businesses, public engagement and conferences.

Whether established or just starting out, or yet to choose a career in STEM Ada.Ada.Ada inspires EVERYONE to engage with STEM and innovation, whatever their age.

90 Second Preview

Ada.Ada.Ada is written, directed and designed by Zoe Philpott in collaboration with world leading technologist and founder of Hackspace London, Charles Yarnold, and associate AV designers to the National Theatre: Helen Atkinson and Matt Haskins.

Steeldeck Rentals, Phundee, Thwaites Communication, Mary Keane­ Dawson, Rhyannan Hall, Chris Grady, Karen Sticher, Matt Howey Nunn, Suw Charman­Anderson, Helen Arney, Tasweer Anderson, Gavin Starks, Emma Thwaites and everyone in the ADA community of funders.

Charles Yarnold, Sam Howey Nunn, Helen Atkinson, Myra Appannah, Matt Jarvis, Matthew Haskins, Helen Desmond, Adrian Philpott, Kady Howey Nunn, Kat Behague, Holly Seager, Kira Goodey, Gemma Burditt, Kath Burlinson, Liz Barber, Patricia Kelly, Zoe Philpott, Rachel Burnham, Hugh Turvey, Chris Nash.

Ada.Ada.Ada is a PHILPOTTdesign production. We create visual communications and interactive storytelling for visionaries.

Planning: Ada’s Army Fest – the touring festival of STEAM Libraries across the UK Get involved
Planning: Ada.Ada.Ada tour in New Zealand and Australia With code clubs and businesses Get involved
Planning: Ada.Ada.Ada tour in Tanzania and East Africa With code clubs and businesses Get involved
Nov. 26 Keynote: The Future of Storytelling Voices of Innovation, Tech Inclusion Conference 2018, Bloomberg, London UK FREE
Nov. 14 Ada.Ada.Ada performances @ 11.30am & 1.40pm World skills UK Live, NEC, Birmingham UK FREE
Nov. 14 Ada’s Army Maker Workshop World skills UK Live, NEC, Birmingham UK FREE
Oct. 9 Ada’s Army Wiki-edit-athon Pankhurst Centre, Manchester UK FREE
Oct. 9 Ada.Ada.Ada Careers In STEM talks Lovelace School, Chessington UK FREE
Oct. 2 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Camden Spark Schools, London UK More info.
Jun. 30 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Raspberry Fields, Cambridge UK More info.
Jun. 20-22 New ADA show Performance + Ada’s Army Talk Inspirefest, Dublin IE More info.
Jun. 2 New ADA show Performance Women’s Bridge “Make more noise”, London UK More info.
May. 22 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Let’s Make launch, Rugby UK More info.
May. 18 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Redmaids’ High, Bristol UK More info.
May. 14 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Let’s Make launch, Nuneaton UK More info.
Apr. 17-21 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and talks STEAMconf, Barcelona ES More info.
Mar. 8 International Women’s Day celebration with Ada’s Army ‘smart’ kite workshop Women@ASML, ASML, Eindhoven NL More info.
Feb. 28 Ada’s Army consultation talk Women in tech conference, Edinburgh UK More info.
Feb. 16 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshop Illuminate Festival, Oldham UK More info.
Pending Regional tours are in development. Australia; Canada; France; Norway; Nigeria; Spain; Tanzania; UEA; USA More info.
Pending Run of Ada.Ada.Ada London, UK. Register your interest £49.50/£18
Dec. 15 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Blackburn Library, Blackburn UK Free
Dec. 14 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Halton Lea Library, Halton UK FREE
Dec. 13 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Widnes Library, Halton UK FREE
Dec. 12 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Wigan Library, Wigan UK Free
Dec. 11 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Leigh Library, Wigan UK Free
Dec. 8 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Wallasey Library, Wirral UK Free
Dec. 7 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Hope Farm Library, Cheshire West UK Free
Dec. 4-5 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Central Library, Liverpool UK Free
Dec. 1 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Crosby Library, Sefton UK Free
Nov. 30 Launch Event – Ada.Ada.Ada Central Library, Manchester UK More info.
Nov. 28 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Kirkby Library, Knowsley UK Free
Nov. 27 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Huyton Library, Knowsley UK Free
Nov. 24 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Blackpool Central Library, Blackpool UK Free
Nov. 23 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Carlisle Library, Cumbria UK Free
Nov. 22 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Stockton Central Library, Stockton UK Free
Nov. 21 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops City Library, Newcastle UK Free
Nov. 17, 20 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops City Library, Sunderland UK Free
Nov. 15 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Bishop Auckland Library, Durham UK Free
Nov. 14 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Leeds Central Library, Leeds UK Free
Nov. 13 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Crossgates Library, Leeds UK Free
Nov. 9, 10 Makerspace In School Symposium: Performance with ‘Show and Tell’, plus maker workshop Norwegian Ministry of Education, Oslo NO More info.
Nov. 6 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Heywood Library, Rochdale UK Free
Nov. 3 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Eccles Library, Salford UK Free
Nov. 2 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Chester Lane Library, St. Helens UK Free
Nov. 1 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Swinton Library, Salford UK Free
Oct. 31 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Marple Library, Stockport UK Free
Oct. 30 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Stockport Library, Stockport UK Free
Oct. 26 Innovation at Play: Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and Talk NUI Galway, Galway ROI More info.
Oct. 20 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Wilmslow Library, Cheshire East UK Free
Oct. 19 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance and workshops Urmston Library, Trafford UK Free
Oct. 16 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances (11am and 2pm) Digital Bristol Week, Colston Hall’s Lantern Theatre, Bristol UK Free / £5
Oct. 12 IT began with Ada ‘Show and Tell’ (6.30pm) Centre for Computing History, Cambridge UK £8
Oct. 12 IT began with Ada (for schools 10am – 4pm) Centre for Computing History, Cambridge UK £10
Oct. 10 Ada Lovelace Day: panel discussion Espacio Telefonica Fundacion, Madrid ES More info.
18-21 Jul 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance, talks and discussions Scratch 2017, Bordeaux FR More info.
16 May 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and workshops Night of the Nerds, sponsored by ASML, Eindhoven NL More info.
9 May 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Women @ ASML, Eindhoven NL More info.
20 April 2017 Design + Experience: Fashion/Tech Panel Uprise, Amsterdam NL More info.
30 March 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance Ireland’s Edge, sponsored by Intel, Dublin ROI More info.
29 March 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance Intel, Leixlip ROI More info.
Winter Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and talks Schools and businesses, UK More info.
2 Dec 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance Ireland’s Edge, Dingle ROI More info.
23 Oct 2016 TEDx Talk – Ada Lovelace: the original woman in tech TedX Bucharest, Romania More info.
Summer 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances, talks and discussions Schools and businesses, UK More info.
17 Jul 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Latitude Festival, Surrey UK More info.
1-2 Jul 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance, talk and discussion Inspirefest, Dublin ROI More info.
Jun 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge UK More info.
25 ­Apr­ 2016 Ada Salon™ ECWC 2016, Brussels BE More info.
20­ Feb­ 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada. Performance Northern Ireland Science Festival, Belfast UK More info.
19 ­Feb ­2016 Panel Discussion – Women in technology Northern Ireland Science Festival, Belfast UK More info.
07 ­Dec­ 2015 Ada.Ada.Ada for Ada College Celebration IBM, London UK More info.
30 ­Oct­ 2015 Ada & STEM Women Today for Manchester Science Festival The Lowry, Manchester UK More info.
30­ Oct­ 2015 Ada.Ada.Ada for Manchester Science Festival The Lowry, Manchester UK More info.
28 ­Oct ­2015 Ada.Ada.Ada performances Science Museum Lates, London UK More info.
20­ Oct­ 2015 UstwoTalkies ‘The Making of Ada.Ada.Ada’ Ustwo, London UK More info.
15 ­Sep­ 2015 Retelling Ada Lovelace’s story using wearable technology Artful Spark, London UK More info.
13­ Oct­ 2015 Ada Lovelace Day Cambridge Centre for Computer History, Cambridge UK More info.
07­ Jul­ 2015 Retelling Ada Lovelace’s story using wearable technology ItaaU Conference, Bournemouth UK More info.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. A.
Can Ada.Ada.Ada really be performed anywhere? Yes, pretty much. So far it has been performed in a high tech business Atrium, community centre halls, conference centres, music festival tents and event on a band stand in a forest.
What are the minimum requirements for the performance space? Here are the minimum requirements for the performance space. Please note that points 1 & 2 are absolute requirements, while points 3, 4 & 5 are more flexible and you should discuss them with our production manager based on what your space is like.

  1. Step free access to the performance area that is at least 3m x 3m;
  2. Sound system & radio mic headset – i.e. a mixing desk and PA so we can plug our sound into it, plus the wireless headset mic for the performer;
  3. Minimal natural light;
  4. 3-4 hours in the performance space, with the inhouse technician* ahead of the performance;
  5. Dimmable lighting.

* An ‘inhouse technician’ is what we call someone based at your venue who knows how to operate everything in the performance space. This could be a facilities manager at your office, or the librarian at your library – it really depends on your particular space.

Why do you need ‘step free access’ from the dressing room to the performance area? Once the performer is dressed in the LED dress she cannot walk up and down any steps!
We are organising a school to visit: Can we fit a wearable technology workshop in with a full 60 minute performance between 09.30 and 12.00? It is possible to finish by 12 noon, here is how:

  • Give the Ada team access to the performance space by 8am, with your inhouse technician;
  • Hold the workshop in a separate room;
  • Do the workshop in the morning first (the workshop lasts up to 90 minutes);
  • Start the 60 minute performance no later than 11am.

We recommend afternoon performances as this allows for contingency time in case something unexpected happens on the way to your venue. It is possible to prepare the space the day before if you do need a morning performance. We have performed at 10:00 before.

Is a lecture theatre with fixed seating suitable for both the performance and the workshops? A lecture theatre with fixed seating is great for the performance but not suitable for the workshop.
Do you need space for changing facilities etc.? We need a secure room with tables, chairs and step-free access to the performance area. This room is where we store and test the dress. We also get ready here.

In the room we need:

  • 2x plug sockets
  • 3x chairs
  • 2x large tables

Any other dressing room niceties are very welcome indeed, such as a mirror, a sink, close to the toilets, etc.

Why isn’t there a description of the maker ‘wearable technology’ workshops online? Every Ada.Ada.Ada workshop is an FUN introduction to the type of technology used to tell Ada Lovelace’s story in the performance. Participants have the opportunity to design and make real wearable tech circuitry. The workshop is hands on and will empower the participants to know they can do it – they will also gain in confidence to get involved other technology: demystify technology and making technology fun for everyone.

Like the technology itself, the wearable technology workshops evolve. The workshops are delivered by a small team of experienced maker workshop facilitators from the UK, France and Ireland. Every event has one facilitator from this team and your facilitator is usually allocated based on where you are in the world.

Unless we arrange things differently with you beforehand, we will provide up to two workshops per day for up to 50 participants in total.

Do the workshops need to happen in a separate room to the performance, and if in the same room, will chairs need to be rearranged and tables putting out? It can happen in the same room, and yes chairs and tables are required for the workshop and will need to be rearranged.

However, as we need 3-4 hours to prepare the performance (without any participants there) we recommend a workshop doesn’t happen in the same room.

How much time is needed between the performance and the workshop? Or, can they go straight from one to the other? People can go straight from one to the other. But we recommend a comfort break, and/or the opportunity to have a photo taken with Ada in her fabulous LED dress!
Is it possible to have a workshop before the performance, then the performance and then another workshop afterwards? Yes this is a great way to do it. We suggest you plan for comfort breaks between sessions.
What is the typical length of day for the Ada Team? It really depends who is hosting the Ada.Ada.Ada event and what type of event it is.

If we are doing a schools or a library tour – with up to 5 different venues in 5 days, then the day is limited to 8 hours plus up to 1 hour of travel to and from the venue.

This means the team is on an absolute maximum of a 10 hour day, including all travel and breaks.

Do you and your team have a start time and end time or is it a moveable 8 hour day? E.g. if a library wants a 10:00 performance for schools and you need 3 hours prep time, is a 07.00 start time ok? In theory a 07.00 start is possible, but we would need to take two things into account:

  1. Travel time – so the team can do a great event for you and don’t suffer from “tour exhaustion”!
  2. Your performance space – we need enough time to set up before the performance with some contingency in case unexpected things happen.

The 8 hours at the library should start no earlier than 08.00 and end no later than 20.00, i.e. It the team arrive at 08.00, they should be leaving by 16.00, or, if you need an evening performance, then the team can start at 12:00 and then leave at 20:00

We are a Library –

If your team do an 8 hour day, is it 8 hours straight, or can it be 4 in the morning then have an hour or so break and then 4 hours in the afternoon/early evening (in order to fit in a later community workshop)

The 8 hours spent at your library includes the lunch break.

Our production manager will ask about starting the 8 hours somewhere between 08.00 and 12.00. This way we can make the best day possible within the 8 hours.

How long is the maker ‘wearable technology’ workshop? The maker ‘wearable technology’ workshop last between 50 and 90 minutes depending on the content and the workshop facilitator. Every facilitator has their particular way of delivering the workshop to we share the description of the workshop with you once we assign your facilitator.
Are all the materials provided for the workshop? There is no additional charges for the workshop materials.

  • There are a selection of maker ‘wearable technology’ workshops from which to choose. The production manager will share the list with you.
  • We have workshops that don’t require any hardware.
  • One workshop uses conductive paint – and it can get very messy: so if you choose this one the participants are responsible for protecting their own belongings, and the you, as the host venue is responsible for protecting your room, fittings and fixtures!
  • Unless you have arranged for us to do so, we don’t supply hardware or a connection to the internet. So if you choose a maker workshop that involves software the host and the participants will need to supply enough computers or tablets that support browser based software. We will use things like Scratch, which is a browser based software.
What equipment would we be required to set up, and roughly how much space is required for the workshop? Each workshop has 25 places and the room should have enough tables and chairs for every participant to sit comfortably at a table, and still see and hear the workshop leader at the front, or a similarly accessible position.
Is a lecture theatre with fixed seating suitable for the workshops? We are sorry, but a lecture theatre with fixed seating isn’t suitable for a workshop.


We can all trace the route back to our local library in our heads; the way it smelt as soon as you walked through the doors, the quiet, calm atmosphere that welcomed us, all of those books standing alert on the shelves just waiting to be opened. In whatever way we remember them, or use them today, there’s no denying the impact these cornerstones of the community have had on the lives of many across the country. In fact, in 2016 alone, more people visited libraries in England than the cinema, Premiere League matches, and the top 10 tourist attractions combined ( ADA in performance

But the way people use libraries is changing. Libraries are evolving into a place of personal and collaborative exploration. A place that welcomes the tools of digital learning as well as from books. A place conducive to hands on learning through workshops and performances. It is the goal of the Arts Council of England to facilitate this evolution through grant funding of innovative projects that bring a new life to libraries. And it was this life that the Arts Council recognized in Ada.Ada.Ada.

Created by Philpott Design, Ada.Ada.Ada is a high impact performance that is combating the gender and skills gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Using the words of Ada Lovelace, an LED dress and half a kilometer of string, Ada.Ada.Ada brings a powerful interactive performance to embolden its audience, especially women and girls, to be more ‘Ada’ and get creative with science, technology, engineering and maths in the pursuit of STEM careers.

05 ADA in business

With the help of a Grant for the Arts from the Arts Council of England, Ada.Ada.Ada is trailblazing the new idealism for libraries that the Council envisions with a library tour from October to December this year. Ada.Ada.Ada will utilize the local connections of libraries to bring this free innovative experience to a diverse audience across England. Libraries will open the door for the Ada show into underserved and remote communities where the tools the show provides could be pivotal to an audience that may not have experienced much technology and never something like Ada.Ada.Ada before.

Director of Libraries for the Arts Council, Brian Ashley remarked on the importance of this best, “Libraries are there for everyone, but their special role in helping people overcome disadvantage is second to none. They are the gateway to opportunity.”

Ada.Ada.Ada will change the way these communities use their libraries by strengthening their connection to each other. Along with the performance, the Ada show works with each library to create a personalized activity programme that serves as a hub for local schools and community groups to engage widress artwork verticalth. The Ada.Ada.Ada. tour will showcase just how versatile library spaces have become. From the interactive show, to “Electronic/Wearable Tech Workshops” where children can play with conductive paint and LEDs to create paper, wearable tech costumes for Ada.

By touring in libraries, the inspiring message of Ada.Ada.Ada is free and accessible to all audiences. The life of this spellbinding show will bring the excitement of never ending discovery back into communities, and back into the libraries they are so tied to.

Get involved! See Ada.Ada.Ada at a library near you!

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