Closing the gender gap with

Ada Lovelace, an LED dress and a lot of string

Ada wrote the first complex programme in 1843 and then was written out of history.

Ada.Ada.Ada shares her story to help businesses and education close the gender gap, with events, performances, training and workshops.

Yours sincerely AA Lovelace
Ada @ Scratch MIT Conference Bordeaux
Ada @ British Land, London
what people say about ada events


“ I was blown away by the Ada experience.”

Tony Miller

Vice President Digital Marketing & CRM, EMEA The Walt Disney Company

” I’ve been inspired to go into a STEM career, and to be determined and that even if someone doubts you keep trying and show them you’re strong and their wrong.”

Audience Member

Age 13

” The best corporate event I have ever been to. Utterly thought-provoking.”

Fiona Freeman

Managing Director, Corporate Finance, FTI Consulting

” A powerful combination ofscience and art, motivating us allto explore the potential of STEM.”

Julie Griffiths

Trustee, Libraries Connected Ada's Army Fest partner for UK Libraries

” We needed something that had a strong link to women’s contributions to the world, and to our business, but in a way that was engaging, not alienating to men – something that conveys we are stronger together… and builds connection rather than divides us. A tall order, perhaps, but not for Ada.Ada.Ada.”

Jamie Selby

HR Training Manager, Chair of the Women@ASML

” 4,400 addressable LEDs, history, and art came together in @AdaTheShow, an interactive event celebrating Ada Lovelace, one of the first #WomenInSTEM. @feraldata, what a fantastic way to introduce students to Ada and how creativity & technology can expand boundaries. Congrats!”

Trish Damkroger

Vice President, Intel Data Center Group

“ I marveled at this show. I did not know what to expect and I felt inspired. #AdaAdaAda got my thinking cap on and my head buzzing with ideas”

Dawn Hewitson

Course Leader, Edgehill University

“ Sharing the story of Ada Lovelace through Ada.Ada.Ada, we can look with a unique lens on the kinds of challenges that the future may hold – a future that will rely on the collision of arts, technology, innovation, storytelling and human experience.”

Eamonn Sinnott

Vice President and General Manager, Intel Ireland

“ Captivated – the hallmark of good science communication is a complex idea made readily comprehensible.”

Dr Heather Williams


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