Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first complex algorithm in 1843 and then was written out of history. In Ada.Ada.Ada, Lovelace tells her story using an LED dress which she operates – live on stage – using her wearable tech satin glove.

Ada.Ada.Ada exists to help people, especially girls and women, engage with technology and stem as a career.

Ada.Ada.Ada is a high impact performance with associated talks, workshops and events for schools, businesses, public engagement and conferences.

Whether established or just starting out, or yet to choose a career in STEM Ada.Ada.Ada inspires EVERYONE to engage with STEM and innovation, whatever their age.


Ada.Ada.Ada is written, directed and designed by Zoe Philpott in collaboration with world leading technologist and founder of Hackspace London, Charles Yarnold, with associate AV designers to the National Theatre, Helen Atkinson and Matt Haskins.

Steeldeck Rentals, Phundee, Thwaites Communication, Mary Keane­Dawson, Rhyannan Hall, Chris Grady, Karen Sticher, Matt Howey Nunn, Suw Charman­Anderson, Helen Arney, Tasweer Anderson, Gavin Starks, Emma Thwaites and everyone in the ADA community of funders.

Charles Yarnold, Sam Howey Nunn, Helen Atkinson, Myra Appannah, Matt Jarvis, Matthew Haskins, Helen Desmond, Adrian Philpott, Kady Howey Nunn, Kat Behague, Holly Seager, Kira Goodey, Gemma Burditt, Kath Burlinson, Liz Barber, Patricia Kelly & Zoe Philpott, Rachel Burnham, Hugh Turvey, Chris Nash.

Ada.Ada.Ada has been created by award­-winning agency PHILPOTT design ltd.

Autumn 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and workshops Libraries, West Midlands, UK
Jul 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances, talks and discussions Scratch 2017, Bordeaux
May 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and workshops Austin, Texas
Spring 2017 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and workshops Schools and businesses, The Netherlands
Winter 2016-17 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances and talks Schools and businesses, UK
2nd Dec 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance Ireland’s Edge, Dingle ROI
23rd Oct 2016 TED Talk – Ada Lovelace: the original woman in tech TedX Bucharest, Romania
Summer 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances, talks and discussions Schools and businesses, UK
17 Jul 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performances Latitude Festival, UK
1-2 Jul 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance, talk and discussion Inspirefest, Dublin
Jun 2016 Ada.Ada.Ada Performance Cambridge Science Festival, UK
25th ­Apr­ 2016 7:30pm Ada Salon™ ECWC 2016 Brussels, Belgium
20­th Feb­ 2016, 7:30pm Ada.Ada.Ada. Performance Northern Ireland Science Festival
19th ­Feb ­2016, 2pm Panel Discussion – Women in technology Northern Ireland Science Festival
07 ­Dec­ 2015, 6:30pm Ada.Ada.Ada for Ada College Celebration IBM
30 ­Oct­ 2015, 9:30pm Ada & STEM Women Today for Manchester Science Festival The Lowry
30­ Oct­ 2015, 8pm Ada.Ada.Ada for Manchester Science Festival The Lowry
28 ­Oct ­2015, 6:45pm Ada.Ada.Ada performances Science Museum Lates
20­ Oct­ 2015, 6:30pm UstwoTalkies ‘The Making of Ada.Ada.Ada’ Ustwo
15 ­Sep­ 2015, 6pm Retelling Ada Lovelace’s story using wearable technology Artful Spark
13­ Oct­ 2015, 10am Ada Lovelace Day Cambridge Centre for Computer History
07­ Jul­ 2015 6pm Retelling Ada Lovelace’s story using wearable technology ItaaU Conference